Model 570 Fiberoptic Transceiver H&L Instruments introduced the first repeating fiberoptic modem for SCADA networks. Our self-healing, fiberoptic transceivers revolutionize how utilities and campuses monitor and manage their systems. Learn more about H&L Instruments fiberoptic networking solutions...

The Model 570 family of products employ the latest hardware and software to provide reliable and efficient fiberoptic networking technology for utilities and campuses around the world. Learn more about the 570 family of products. The latest innovation in the 570 family is the Model 570X DNP3 Gateway Transceiver.

Learn more about modem/transceiver compatibility and integration with your existing systems.

The Model 570-based Fiber Network Story

The H&L Comparator Family

The Model 102C edge profile comparator is used for the non-destructive inspection of semiconductor wafers and grinding wheelsThe H&L Instruments Edge Profile Comparators are saving industry millions of dollars. The Model 102C edge profile comparator is used in the semiconductor industry for non-destructive inspection of wafers prior to expensive processing. Learn more ...

Model 900C edge profile comparator inspects aircraft engine turbine fan blades

The Model 900C edge profile comparator (shown here) is employed in the airline industry for detecting poor efficiency turbine fan and compression blade contours and saves the airline industry millions in maintenance and fuel costs. Learn more...

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