Model 532A Fiberoptic Modem/Multiplexer

Model 532A Fiberoptic Modem/Multiplexer


For electric utilities and other industries that require environmentally robust point-to-point RS-232 data communication, H&L Instruments developed the Model 532A Fiberoptic Modem/Multiplexer. The Model 532A, with its self-contained, surge-protected power supply and extended temperature operation of -40C to +85C, ensures that you will have reliable serial data communications. Multiplexing makes it possible to send signals from up to four remote RS-232 devices simultaneously at speeds up to 20 kb/s via a single pair of fibers thus lowering the cost per channel. The Model 532A can be ordered for use with multimode or singlemode optical fiber. The presence or absence of a constant light carrier signal allows users to quickly verify the integrity of the fiber cables and to measure received power levels. All H&L fiberoptic products have optical light carriers for ease of testing.

Built with a full 25-pin connector, the Model 532A Fiberoptic Modem/Multiplexer provides up to four isolated RS-232 channels for communication. The unit multiplexes all the signals in one direction into an encoded optical carrier and then transmits the data. This multiplexing feature makes it possible for a facility to send signals from up to four remote devices simultaneously by sharing a single pair of fibers. The system handles large streams of data by receiving and transmitting a modulated optical carrier signal on multimode or singlemode optical fiber, and the presence or absence of the optical carrier signal allows a quick verification of the integrity of the fiber cables.

The Model 532A Fiberoptic Modem/Multiplexer is frequently used to link Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) or PLCs to radios or to act as a fiberoptic extension cord by connecting remote devices to a SCADA master computer. This unit was developed for electric utilities and other industries that operate point-to-point Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems. When the requirement is to send reliable serial data communications, the Model 532A ensures dependable operation with strong and steady carrier signals.

The Model 532A Fiberoptic Modem/Multiplexer features:

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