Model 570X Fiberoptic Transceiver
with FiberLoop III Network Management

The Model 570X is H&L Instruments newest innovation in fiberoptic SCADA communication. The 570X includes an embedded Linux System-On-Module (SOM) to provide a powerful all in one solution for SCADA network management and control. Itís never been easier to monitor your FiberLoop III system using FiberPanel from your head-end PC, and the new Model 570X incorporates expanded capabilities for monitoring your network via a TCP/IP connection.

While the Model 570X fully supports direct serial connection, it eliminates the requirement for serial cables and terminal servers by incorporating direct support of DNP3 over TCP or UDP. The 570X significantly improves performance and reduces latency by removing the serial bottleneck at the master endpoint. Intelligent serial DNP3 endpoints are supported by a built-in protocol translator.

The Model 570X transceiver includes the following features:

Model 570X DNP3 Gateway Supports SCADA

Model 570X Datasheet

Model 570X Brochure

Model 570 Family of Products

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