Model 102C/CE Edge Profile Comparator

The Model 102C Edge Profile Comparator is a precision instrument for verifying wafer edge shape and integrity before beginning the manufacturing process. The instrument magnifies the profile image 100 times for display on the built-in 12-inch monitor. Precision fixturing for wafers from 1-inch to 300 mm allows rotation of the wafer 360 degrees and refocusing as needed. By comparing the image with a template mounted to the monitor, wafers are compared against specifications such as SEMI M1 or M9. With the optional video processor, the image can be printed for hard-copy documentation. By creating a shadow-edge profile image, this qualitative, non-destructive inspection instrument helps to verify compliance to specifications, without sacrificing the wafer.

The Model 102C identifies all common edge problems that affect yield. This instrument is built for production use by device manufacturers and wafer manufacturers alike. Holders are available for all wafer sizes and for many sizes of grinding and forming wheels. Using the proper holders, all materials can be tested with this single instrument.

Control of edge contour Improves yield

Control of edge contour can also improve your wafer's ability to yield active devices. Whether you need to inspect every wafer, or a statistical sample, control over the edge of your wafers provides significant processing benefits: " reduces chipping and fracture " reduces slip generation in furnace processes " reduces particle generation " reduces epitaxial edge crown " reduces photoresist edge bead

Approved for testing to SEMI Standards

The Model 102C is ideal for testing to ASTM F928 wafer test Method B. Many users prefer this method of edge inspection because the 102C is so easy to use. And, unlike other test methods, the wafer is completely usable after a shadow-image inspection. For large diameter silicon, GaAs and sapphire wafers, non-destructive testing preserves your valuable and hard to obtain material.

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