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Model 570

Tom Thode and Rick Kernan Xcel Denver, Eaton VaultGard Monitoring Project Describes a 215 transceiver fiberoptic network installation in downtown Denver that employs H&L's Model 570E with the Eaton VaultGard to monitor the distribution network to detect negative power factor, bad inline limiters, mis-matched impedance, and much more. March 2013

Shahidehpur, Mohammad and Khodayar, Mohammad E. Cutting Campus Energy Costs with Hierarchical Control The Illinois Institute of Technology microgrid is analyzed as a test bed, and the functions for implementing microgrid objectives are discussed. IEEE Electrification Magazine, September 2013

McHale, David P. and Swayne, Robert B. UCSB Campus Implements SCADA System Using Model 570 The Model 570 fiberoptic communication system moves information between the switchgear locations with a delay of less than 2 milliseconds (one-eighth cycle).

McHale, David P. and Tsai, George. "Automation System Provides Reliable Power to University of California, Santa Barbara", DistribuTECH Feb 6, 2007

McHale, David P., Swayne, Robert B., Niemira, James K. "California Campus Power", Consulting-Specifying Engineer, pp 48-52, August 2005

Granquist, Vincent L. and Landman, Robert. "High Reliability Communications for Relaying and SCADA", DistribuTECH Jan 20, 2004 Slide presentation (PDF)

Model 561

Landman, Robert. "Eaton/Cutler-Hammer, H&L Instruments Network Communication System" Eaton/CH Electrical Network Systems Conference April 4, 2001

Harris, Derrick. "UG Monitoring and Network Control System", Portland General Electric Co.

(Staff) "H&L Instruments Adds 12 More Channels to FiberLoop II in Response to EPCOR's Underground Network System Demand", REMOTE Site & Equipment Magazine February-March 2002: 1-2

Hansen, Lynn and Landman, Robert. "Utilizing Fiberoptic SCADA Systems: Intelligent Fiber Network Reduces Wind Energy Project Complexity and Increases Reliability", Utility Automation: Innovative Energy Solutions Volume 4.1: 48-52, January 1999

Evans, David A. "City Public Service Prepares for Competition Through Automation", Utility Automation November/December 1996: 42-46

Model 550/552

Atwell, Everett and Gamvrelis, Tex and Kearns, David and Landman, Robert. "Automated Distribution Scheme Speeds Service Restoration", IEEE Computer Applications in Power January 1996: 33-37

Model 542B

City Public Service Distribution Automation Pilot Project (DAPP)

Landman, Robert and Kaput, Tim. "Fiberoptics: a Reliable Communications Link for Distribution Automation", First International Symposium on Distribution Automation, (DA/DSM 1991)

(Staff) "US Utilities Seeing the Light in Fiber Optics", DA/DSM Monitor September 1991: 1-5

Landman, Robert and Louie, Belvin. "Fiber optic SCADA System Safeguards Underground Distribution Network", IEEE Computer Applications in Power April 1992: 39-44

Reason, John. "Fiberoptic SCADA Streamlines Downtown Network Operations", Electrical World January 1990

Model 900C

Airfoil Contour Control - Restoration using the Model 900C/CE Edge Profile Comparator

General Interest

Wikipedia List of Telecommunication Terms

Fantozzi, George C. "Distributed Generation Impact on Distributed Automation Planning and Implementation" DistribuTECH 2000, Miami Beach, FL, March 2000

Landman, Robert. "Communications and SCADA", Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers 14th Edition, Section 10, Used by permission of McGraw-Hill, Inc.

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Beaty, Wayne and Hoske, Mark. "Utilities Focus on Integrating DA/DSM Technologies", Electric Light and Power March 1992: 22-23

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