Model 561-16
Fiberoptic Controller-Transceiver
FiberLoop II System


Another option within H&L's FiberLoop II� system is the Model 561-16 Fiberoptic Transceiver, which provides multi-drop, multi-channel serial data communications for master/slave supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA). In controller mode, this device automatically reroutes data in the event of a fiber break or transceiver failure. In transceiver mode, the device provides the interface with all remote devices including RTUs, PLCs, and IEDs. the Model 561-16 makes it possible for you to expand existing four channel systems into 16 virtual channels. Integrated with FiberPanel�, a Windows�-based network management software, Model 561-16 allows you to:

Flexible and Self-Healing

The Model 561-16 transceiver is used on a pair of multidropped fiber for all remote devices, such as RTUs, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), IEDs, etc. You can arrange the transceivers in a loop or bus (radial) topology, which allows you the flexibility to greatly expand your system in the future. The Model 561-16, used as a master unit, is the head end for the SCADA masters. All signals pass through the controller, which can automatically "self-heal" the system and re-route data in the event of fiber cuts or a transceiver failure anywhere in the system. The arrangement of transceivers in a loop configuration provides a highly reliable, fault-tolerant solution. FiberLoop II, in small systems, can provide a dedicated channel for each RTU.

FiberLoop II at Work

In the FiberLoop II system, if a SCADA master needs to be at another location (e.g., a water plant master is typically in a different location than the electric department control center), then you can install serial port jumpers at the 561- 16 network controller to bridge two virtual channels and remotely bridge that remote master on one virtual channel to another virtual channel that broadcasts to all units. You can place Model 561-16 transceivers in the system as standby controllers at any location connected to a standby SCADA master computer, which allows them to take over the FiberLoop II operation in case the primary controller fails. You can add as many as 250 additional Model 561- 16 transceivers to the system and, depending on the model, you can connect up to 4, 8, or 16 RTUs or other IEDs to each one (32 devices can be multi-dropped on the optional RS-485 port).

Model 561-16 Features

FiberLoop II� System

With 16 virtual channels, the Model 561-16 is flexible enough to meet your most rigorous data communication needs.

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