Model 570E/542 Dual Function Fiberoptic Transceiver

The Model 570E/542 dual function transceiver combines all the features and performance of our newest Model 570 transceiver with full support for legacy, 542-based networks. The 542 functionality allows this transceiver to function as a 542 network adapter while providing the latest 570 technology with FiberPanel for system monitoring and control. The FiberPanel system software supports multiple RTUs, Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and microprocessor-based relays.

This dual function transceiver provides the same functionality as the standalone 570 transceiver. It supports the Model 570E self-healing, singlemode fiberoptic features, and provides 126 high speed (56Kbps) independent virtual fiber network communication channels with four to sixteen serial ports. You can assign a transceiver serial port to any virtual channel, which allows grouping Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) with common protocols. Two 10/100 802.3 compliant Ethernet ports are also included.

The 570E/542 system allows segregating different applications, allocating network bandwidth, and sharing backup master stations as required for your unique network configuration. The system supports peer-to-peer communication and all byte protocols including DNP and UCA. In the H&L Instruments redundant loop configuration, the system self-heals from loop to radial mode so quickly (8 msec) that relays such as the SEL-351 cannot detect the fiber break.

The dual function 570E/542 transceiver can be configured as a 570, as a 542, or as a combination 570/542 device, and is optimized for use with Schweitzer Engineering Labs Mirrored Bits Protocol´┐Ż. The 570E/542 dual function transceiver and network adapter utilizes the latest surface mount technology and draws only 1/2 Watt more than a standalone Model 570E. This unit is highly reliable, fault-tolerant, redundant, and offers both a rugged and cost-effective solution for adding self-healing ring and radial network designs to new and existing networks.

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