Network Management Software

FiberPanel is H&L Instruments network management software for configuring and monitoring your FiberLoop III network. The FiberPanel application runs on Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows7 operating systems and includes an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Using FiberPanel you can:

FiberPanel can make remote connections to the fiberoptic network via a standard TELCO-connected modem. You can also configure and monitor the FiberLoop III hardware via your Intranet or Internet using the built-in TCP/IP connectivity protocol. Up to four users can monitor an active session.

Our competitor's fiberoptic network management solutions only allow you to discover problems after the system breaks down. FiberPanel displays alarms in realtime while simultaneously recording a history of all network events in a log file. If a fiber break or other problem occurs, you can quickly identify and correct it before a total network failure occurs. The complete FiberPanel/FiberLoop III solution ensures that you can proactively maintain control over your network and streamline maintenance tasks. The FiberPanel built-in help and documentation system provide extensive guidance and information for configuring and maintaining your FiberLoop III network.

See the FiberPanel Demo/Tutorial to learn how you can configure and manage your FiberLoop III network. Browse our FiberPanel Quick Start Guide for a deeper appreciation of the features and benefits of this comprehensive network management solution.

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