Blue Bricks Just Keep Humming Along

Customers love our products ...

In a recent conversation with a customer in Detroit, they coined the term Blue Brick when referring to our fiberoptic transceivers. At first, we were caught off-guard and concerned that they meant our products were "boat anchors," but then they said:

No, you expect a brick to be put in place and just do its job without ever having to think about it again. That's how H&L's equipment works.

Then another customer in South Carolina shared their experiences with the purchase and deployment of our FiberLoop III networking equipment.

Our experience is we just plug 'em up, turn 'em on and they work great—and then they keep on working. Even though your equipment never needs spares, we do not feel badly that we bought an extra transceiver. We'll probably never use it, but it's always smart to have a spare on hand even when experience shows it's not needed.

When we shared the Blue Brick story with this customer, they said:

Well that's right, and there's something else. We all enjoyed reading the instruction manual. Somebody at H&L has a real sense of humor. You never find a manual with humor. It's great, and the people who wrote the manual really know the equipment.

That comment about our instruction manual highlights something else that we consider important at H&L Instruments. We attach a lot of value to thorough and user-friendly documentation, and if a customer ever has a question that is not answered in the manual, or cannot find some information, we encourage them to let us know so we can provide the information, answer their questions, and update the documentation to avoid future frustrations. There is nothing more annoying than needing some critical piece of information and finding it missing or buried in some obscure location in the documentation.

Our customer in South Carolina continued ...

When I like the equipment from a company, I look at their Web site to learn more about them and to see if they might have something else we might want. I figured you have to be into other things, like your aviation products, because really, your equipment just lasts and lasts, and it is not expensive when you consider the life of the equipment. It is a very hardy product. The only time we experienced a failure is when we had a power surge that blew a fuse in a few transceivers, but those are the only failures we experienced. We haven't had that happen again and don't really know what happened with the few units, but the equipment did really well with just that fuse there to protect it. Really, we just love your stuff.

These testimonials, and others like them, underscore the rugged reliability of H&L Instruments products and our commitment to using top-quality components. We have equipment in operation all over the world including the wilds of South America as well as other extreme, remote locations. We build all of our equipment to be as robust and trouble-free as possible. At the same time, H&L Instruments reinvests a huge portion of company profits back into R&D, so we are constantly researching and improving our products to deliver the very best service in some of the most severe environments in the world.

Our customer concluded by saying:

You have a great philosophy. It really shows in your gear and your willingness to be helpful. I really admire what you're doing and the products you deliver.

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