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Could a Total Power Failure at the World's Largest Airport Have Been Avoided?

We think so and here's why ...

Backup systems for electric power are commonplace. That was not the problem at ATL. The biggest problem around this incident, according to an Atlanta journalist reporting in a blog at, is that the backup system and the primary system were physically adjacent. When fire destroyed the primary system, it also destroyed the backup system.

H&L Instruments is in the business of manufacturing fiberoptic monitoring and control equipment for the electric utility industry, and we often participate in the design phase. Three fundamental rules for designing a robust electric distribution system are:

The last item is where we focus. Our nearly four decades of experience supplying fiberoptic monitoring and control equipment to power utilities, college campuses, theme parks, and airports around the world makes us uniquely qualified to supply the equipment that ensures communication redundancy and reliable monitoring and control of critical power systems and switchgear. The following links to articles document a few of our engagements over the years.

If you are planning a system upgrade or new installation, give us a call. We are happy to share our experience and insights about SCADA fiberoptic networking, monitoring and control.

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