Model 570E-16
Fiberoptic Controller/Transceiver

The Model 570E-16 configuration provides 16 serial data communications channels for master/slave supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA). In controller mode, this device automatically reroutes data in the event of a fiber break or transceiver failure. In transceiver mode, the device provides the interface with all remote devices including RTUs, PLCs, and IEDs.

Features include:

Remote Monitoring with Network Software

Differentiating itself from competitors, H&L also includes the FiberPanel´┐Ż Network Management Software with every system. FiberPanel is specifically designed to work with the Model 570E-16 Transceivers. It allows you to configure and view the system with graphical, easy-to-use windows and to access real-time information about its condition. The software supports remote connections to the fiberoptic network via a standard modem. Additionally, through TCP/IP connectivity, you can monitor and configure the fiber network via your Intranet or the Internet. Up to four users can monitor an active session. Other fiberoptic solutions only allow you to catch problems after there is a break in the system. FiberPanel displays alarms and records a history of all network events in a log file. If problems with the fibers occur, you can quickly identify and correct any issues. The complete solution helps you proactively maintain control over your network and streamline your maintenance tasks. Using FiberPanel, from the convenience of your office, you can:

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