‘New’ Model 900C/CE Edge Profile Comparator™ with Digital LCD Monitor

November 2018 Press Release ... The latest version of the Model 900 Edge Profile Comparator™ incorporates a high resolution, flat-screen, LED back lit LCD monitor. The upgraded display provides sharper image rendering and a longer screen life.

Upgrade your Model 900B/BE Edge Profile Comparator™ to a Hi-resolution LED Monitor for the following benefits:

For more information about upgrading the 900B/BE model, contact the H&L factory at (603) 964-1818.

Now Includes Video Frame Grabber to Capture and Print Blade Profile Images

The Video Frame Grabber converts the Model 900 analog RS-170 video signal into an uncompressed image data stream. The frame grabber is installed inside the Model 900C/CE monitor cabinet, and connects to your PC via a standard USB cable. The Video Frame Grabber includes:

An external Video Frame Grabber option is available for adding image capture to Model 900 units that did not include the feature at time of purchase. The part number for the external model is 900-38.

Escalating Engine Repair Costs Jeopardize Engine Performance

The airfoils on a gas turbine engine are subjected to many abuses, including dust and debris, and even birds, which are sucked into the engine at high speeds. Studies show that regular inspection and repair of these airfoils enhance engine performance. See the H&L Instruments Airfoil Contour Control Application Note to read about the benefits gained from correctly contoured fan blades.

The Model 900C/CE Edge Profile Comparator™ is a precision instrument used for inspecting the leading and trailing edges of aircraft turbine fan blades. The instrument can also inspect stationary steam and gas turbine engines used to produce electric power. The Model 900C/CE contains an optical module that employs a solid state video camera and an infrared light source for illuminating the blade edge. The blade edge is magnified 20x or 40x, dependent on the option purchased.

The Model 900C/CE is compatible with inspection of a range of turbine engine blades including:

The Model 900 Edge Profile Comparator™ is listed in the CFM International shop manual as recommended equipment for inspection of the CFM56 engine.

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